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This honeydew flavor has captured our fans and is one of the best-sellers. Its secret is in the undertones of bubblegum and of the final cooling effect. 

A real taste of green mango with a little punch of sweet and sour, plus the cooling effect that will surely keep you floating on cloud.

A Grape flavor enriched with blackcurrant notes and Anise. An extraordinary juice as you’ve never tasted before.

Frosty Hacks is a solid recreation of the classic cough sweets – HACKS. Fresh, sweet and pleasant unique taste, plus the throat hit! This one is definitely a must-try. 

This flavor is off the charts! The ripe Philippine mango in company of tropical fruits will blow you away. Sweet and fresh. It cannot but become your favorite. 

A taste that is identical as the flavor of a juicy refreshing guava. An explosion of rich aromas.

Imagine a great fresh lemonade on a hot summer day. Add a dash of tangerine juice and you get the perfect aroma.

This flavor bursts with fresh strawberries and on the exhale it gives cooling effect and hint of jello.

Blue label is a creamy flavor that will amaze you with its cheesecake flavor and a crust made of graham crackers. It will melt in your throat.

The butterscotch, made of brown sugar, butter, caramel and vanilla will become your all-day vape of choice because it really is delicious. 

A creamy flavor that joins a rich banana and a pinch of hazelnut. Not to forget about the throat hit you’ve been always looking for.

Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items