Fcukin’ Flava (FF) was founded in August 2014.
We are one of the leading e-liquid manufacturers in Malaysia.


We produce premium crafted e-liquid and are specialized in fresh fruity flavors. We dare to claim our e-liquids Premium Crafted Liquids because the ingredients come from a certified company from the US and are carefully made in small batches to guarantee that the taste and the quality are well preserved.

All our products are made under strict guidelines and under quality control right in the FF Factory. They are brewed and bottled professionally in a clean environment with modern equipment, inspired by some of the best e-juice breweries from around the world.

We are very committed to producing a true-to-flavor e-liquids by using an adequate amount of high quality flavorings so that our clients can feel the true satisfaction of vaping. This is very important to us as we believe that a good and flavorful e-liquid can help smokers to switch to a healthier lifestyle, which is vaping.


Since 2014, Fcukin’ Flava has been the most popular brand in Malaysia. Our marketing team works hand in hand with the production team in order to ensure the quality and consistency throughout our product range and brand. Our products are nowadays available in most parts of the world.